AmazingScales - quality scales, balances and weighing equipment for every weighing need  
AmazingScales - quality scales, balances and weighing equipment for every weighing need
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Chatillon Ametek scales and weighing equipment

Chatillon Ametek Scales and Equipment

We are pleased to offer our customers Chatillon's line of scales, force measurement equipment and testing products  - always in stock, and always at competitive prices.

Hanging Scales
Chatillon hanging scales Chatillon Century Series Dial Models, 7" Hanging Scales
Economically priced, general purpose hanging scales. Several models to choose from with capacities ranging from 20 lb x 1/2 oz to 40 lb x 1oz (kg version also available

20 lb x 1/2 oz
20 lb x 1 oz
40 lb x 1 oz
40 lb x 2 oz
20 kg x 50 g

Price: from $156.00

Chatillon mechanical hanging scales

Chatillon Mechanical Hanging Scales
General purpose mechanical hanging scales in a range of capacities for use in field or warehouse. Durable and with dial readout.

30 x 0.1 lb
50 lb x 1/4 lb
60 x 0.1 lb
60 lb x 1 oz
100 lb x 1/2 lb
200 x 1/2 lbs
400 x 1 lb
100 x 0.5 kg
200 x 1 kg

Price: from $195

Chatillon 4200 Mechanical Hanging ScalesChatillon 4200 Mechanical Hanging Scales Chatillon 4200 Mechanical 9" Dial Hanging Scales
Chatillon 4200 mechanical hanging scales with 9 inch glass covered dial head and below hook or AS pan and single or double dial options. Available in Class III legal for trade versions. Capacities 15 to 60 lbs or 15 to 30 kg. Removable AS pan is USDA approved for food handling.

- Capacity: 15 to 60 lb (15 to 30 kg)
- Readability: 1/2 oz to 1 oz (20 to 50 g)
- Kilogram versions available
- Some models legal for trade
- Glass covered 9 " dials

From $340.00

Chatillon 8200 Mechanical Hanging ScalesChatillon 8200 Mechanical Hanging Scales Chatillon 8200 Mechanical 13" Dial Hanging Scales
Chatillon 8200 mechanical hanging scales are chrome plated steel for excellent performance even in hot temperatores. With 13 inch glass covered double dial head. Available with below hook or AS pan and available in Class III legal for trade versions. Capacities from 30 to 60 lbs or 15 to 30 kg.

- Capacity: 30 to 60 lb (15 to 30 kg)
- Readability: 1/2 oz to 1 oz (20 to 50 g)
- Kilogram versions available
- Some models legal for trade
- Glass covered 13" dials

From $452.00

Autopsy scales

Chatillon Autopsy Scales
Autopsy scales available with either 9" or 13" diameter glass-covered dials

6 kg x 10 g
9 kg x 10 g
15 kg x 25 g

Price: from $515

TD5 series dynamometers

Chatillon Dynamometers
47 different models to choose from in 3 different series. Available with 12", 5" or 13" easy to read dials.

Capacities from 25 lbs (x 0.05 lb) to 20,000 lbs (x 100 lbs). Kilogram models also available.

Price: from $725

Chatillon digital crane scales

Chatillon DWT Digital Crane Scales
DWT Series crane scales are highly accurate and display results in a large 1-inch LCD format. Push button controls on the scale front panel and optional handheld remote control simplifies operation. patented electronic design creates exceptionally low power consumption allowing for up to one year of continuous use without having to change batteries.

2000 x 1 lbs
5000 x 2 lbs
10000 x 5 lbs
20000 x 10 lbs
500 x 0.2 kg
1000 x 0.5 kg
2500 x 1 kg
5000 x 2 kg
10000 x 5 kg

Price: from $1250

Bench Scales and Platform Scales
HB-series beam scales Chatillon HB-Series Portable Beam Scales
1000 lb capacity with 100 lb x 0.5 lb beam graduations (or 500 kg capacity with 50 kg x 0.25 kg). Portable heavy-duty cast iron beam scale designed for rugged, long life in plant or warehouse

1000 x 0.05 lbs
500 kg x 0.25 kg

Price: $632.80

PDT mechanical bench scales Chatillon PDT-Series Dial Bench Scales
"Legal for Trade" - six mechanical bench scales available in pounds or kilograms versions. Capacities ranging from 65 lbs. (25 kg) to 260 lbs (100 kg).  13" dial with a 17" x 12" sturdy steel platform. Heavy duty welded steel base with a floating platform.

65 lb x 2 oz
130 lb x 4 oz
260 lb x 8 oz

Price: $870

Bench scales Chatillon BP13 and BP15 Platform Bench Scale
33 bench scales to choose from - most models Legal for Trade. Heavy duty mechanical scales for industry and shipping.

50 lb x 1 oz to 520 lb x 1 lb
25 kg x 50 g to 200 kg x 500 g

Price: from $1003.20

PBB Portable bench scales Chatillon PBB Portable Bench Scales
Fully portable mechanical beam bench scales for industrial use. Most models "legal for trade". Built for durability:all steel housing with floating platform for lasting accuracy, and cast aluminum alloy levers.

52 x 2 lbs
135 x 5 lbs
300 x 5 lbs
25 x 1 kg
50 x 2 kg

Price: from $1186.55

Instrument Scales / Linear Scales
IN-Series fishing scales Chatillon IN-Series Instrument Scales
8 instrument scales / fishing scales to choose from with capacities ranging from 4 - 100 lbs. Use horizontally or vertically

From 2 lb x 1/2 oz to 100 lb x 1 lb

Price: from $71.20

Iron Clad series fishing scales Chatillon Iron Clad Series Fishing Scales
4 fishing scales available in 100 to 500 lb capacities. Generous safety factors assure accuracy in the toughest environments

100 x 1 lbs
200 x 2 lbs
300 x 5 lbs
500 x 5 lbs

Price: from $239.20

Force Testing Products
LF Plus Digital Test StandDFS Series with Integral Loadcell
Limited Time Special! FREE 2nd Day Air Shipping on all Chatillon Force Gauges!
Chatillon Test Stands, Force Gauges, Grips and Accessories
Limited Time Special! FREE 2nd Day Air Shipping on all Chatillon Force Gauges!
Both mechanical and digital force gauges available in a range of capacities - with a range of features for any force measurement need.
Chatillon DTG Digital Torque Gauges

Chatillon DTG Torque Gauges
Samples at 4500 samples per second with ±0.5% of full scale accuracy. Captures initial peak and maximum torque in memory for either direction. Measures in lb-in, N-cm or N-M units (DTG-3 in oz-in) with both RS232 and analog output.

50 lb x 0.02 oz-in
12 lb x 0.01 lb-in
50 lb x 0.02 lb-in
100 lb x 0.05 lb-in

Price: $1770

Chatillon DMG Mechanical Job Task Analyzer
Chatillon Medical Force Testing Products
Dolorimeters, job strength analysis, muscle testing, job task testing and more

500 lb x 0.5 lb
100 lb x 0.2 lb s

Price: from $208


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