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AmazingScales - quality scales, balances and weighing equipment for every weighing need
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Chatillon Ametek scales and weighing equipment

Chatillon Scales > Industrial Scales > Legal for Trade

Chatillon HB Portable Beam Scales

Chatillon Model HB-1000 Portable Mechanical Beam Scales

Chatillon HB-series Portable Beam Scales
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 225 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)


Model HB1000-BA conforms to NIST Handbook 44 Class III Certificate of Conformance No. 88-151PN, issued under the National Type Evaluation Program of the National Conference on Weights and Measures. It is "Legal for Trade" subject to on-site verifications by local Weights and Measures jurisdictions. Cast iron construction of base, platform, levers and wheels for added strength and rigidity. Designed for use in plant, terminal or warehouse, can be rolled to work site by one person, narrow body for use in narrow aisles


  • Can be read from front or rear, Graduations are black on matte background, Weight read at center of poise
  • Offset column permits use of entire platform for overhanging loads
  • Platform size: 18" x 27"
  • Shipping weight: 165 lb
  • Self-aligning bearings on all four load pivots and at the beam fulcrum
  • Loops, bearings and nose irons are corrosion resistant and beam head has friction point side caps, beam is matte aluminum
  • Thumb grip lock screw poise design and case, slotted counterweights


Model HB1000-BA HB1000-BM
Price $632.80
Capacity 1000 lb 500 kg
Beam Graduations 100 lb x 0.5 lb 50 kg x 0.25 kg
Legal for Trade NIST Class III #88-151PN -


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