AmazingScales - quality scales, balances and weighing equipment for every weighing need  
AmazingScales - quality scales, balances and weighing equipment for every weighing need
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CAS scales and weighing equipment

CAS Scales

Scales for retail, grocery, delicatessen, restaurant, industrial and general purpose applications.

CAS has been a leader in the industry for their competitively priced retail scales. From the sophisticated LP-1000 Label Printing Scale for grocery or deli, to the PW-series portion control scales for cafeteria or restaurant, to their heavy-duty Industrial crane scales, CAS has the right digital scale to meet your specifications.

Grocery & Food Service

CAS price computing scale
CAS price computing scale

CAS S-2000-JR Low-Profile Price Computing Scale
Legal for Trade
The ideal price computing scale for the sale of foods and beverages in supermarkets, delicatessens and grocery stores. The CAS S2000-JR retail scale is available in 3 capacities from 15 to 60 lbs and is available with or without a column mount.

- Capacity: 15, 30 or 60 lbs
- Readability: 0.002 to 0.02 lb
- Legal for trade
- Stainless steel platter
- RS232 interface
-lb , oz , kg

From $256.75

CAS S-2000 price computing scales are perfect for grocery, bakery, deli, meat counter and other retail applications.

CAS S-2000 Low-Profile Price Computing  Scale
State-of-the-art features in a grocery scale at an affordable price, Displays weight, unit price, total price, Indirect memory back-up up to 800 items

- Capacity: 30 lbs
- Readability: 0.01 lb
- RS232 Output Option
- Stainless steel platter

Price: $321.75

CAS food scales  / label printing scales
CAS food scales  / label printing scales

CAS LP-1000N & LP-1000NP Label Printing Scales
Legal for Trade
Fully programmable scale with printer, auto printing and Save keys for prepack, zero, tare, tare save and prepack functions, 5 label formats or custom continuous labels to choose from, 4000 PLUs, 54 preset speed keys. Includes RS232 interface and free software. Available with or without pole display.

- Capacity: 30
- Readability: 0.01 lbs
- Legal for Trade
- FREE Software included
- RS232 interface
- 4000 PLUs

Price: from $1338.75

CAS AP-1 retail use scales are perfect for grocery store, deli, cafeteria, meat counter, bakery and more. CAS AP-1 Price Computing Scale
Perfect for Deli, Cafeteria, and Grocery. Functions include tare, tare save, prepack, add + total features. NTEP approved legal for trade

- Capacity: 15 lbs or 30 lbs
- Readability: 0.005 lb or 0.01 lb
- 28 preset pricing
- 200 total PLUs
- Legal for trade

Price: from $292.50

CAS LP-II Full Featured Thermal Label Printing Scale CAS LP-II Full Featured Thermal Label Printing Scale
Feature packed label printing scale with 60 pound capacity. Features a cash drawer and flexible and reliable networking options -- network up to 32 departments per store with nearly 34 million PLUs. Completely customized label printing and sales reporting with included advanced software

- Capacity:60 lbs
- Readability: 0.01 lb or 0.02 lb
- The most advanced label printer anywhere!
- Cash drawer
- 106 speed keys
- Flexible networking

Price: $1839.20

CAS PD-2 Point Of Sale Cash Register Interface Scale CAS PD-2 Point Of Sale Cash Register Interface Scale
The CAS PD-II Electronic Cash Register Scale comes complete with an RS-232C Interface, and bright VFD Display. The CAS PD-2 deli scale is ideal for retail establishments such as grocery stores or bakeries. Capacities from 15 to 150 lbs. Dual range and legal for trade.

- Capacity: 6, 15, 30, 60 and 150 lbs
- Readability: 0.002 to 0.95 lb
- Legal for Trade
- RS232 interface
- Dual range

Price: from $486.75


Portion Control Scales

CAS SW portable digital scales

CAS SW-series Portable Digital Scales
CAS SW series portable digital scales are battery operated and NTEP approved - ideal for use as a food scale or for legal for trade retail weighing. Capacities from 5 to 50 lbs - weighs in pounds, kilograms, grams or ounces (switchable)

- Capacity: 5 to 50 lbs
- Readability: 0.002 lb to 0.02 lb
- Pounds / kilograms convertible
- Legal for trade

Free Shipping

Price: $157.50

Counting Scales

CAS SC-series counting scales with built in count comparator.

SC-Series Counting Scale
Full-featured counting scale with 3 models to choose from, metric and pound convertible mode with built-in count comparator

- Capacity: 10 to 50 lbs
- Readability: 0.002 lb to 0.01 lb
- Weighs in pound or grams
- 500 items of unit weight memory
- Built in count comparator

Price: $455

Industrial Scales

CAS D-Type general purpose digital weighing scale

CAS D-Type Weighing Scale
Simple weighing scale with easy to read LED display. Auto calibration, auto zero tracking, soft touch tact switch

- Capacity: 6 to 30 lbs
- Readability: 0.002 lb to 0.01 lb
- Auto calibration
- Simple to operate

Price: $285

CAS DL-100 economical bench scales - battery operated with RS-232 output - perfect for industrial weighing

DL-100 Economical Industrial Bench Scales
Battery operated weighing scale with LCD display, auto span calibration, auto zero tracking, and RS-232 output

- Capacity: 200 lbs
- Readability: 0.1 lb
- RS-232 Interface
- Battery or AC
- Legal for Trade

Price: $620

CAS BW-Series Legal for Trade Bench Scales CAS BW-Series Legal for Trade Bench Scales
The CAS BW-series digital scales are legal for trade bench scales that are ideal for use as shipping scales or industrial scales. They weigh in both pounds and kilograms and have both checkweighing and counting features. Your choice of four different sizes and capacities.

- Capacity: 30-300 lbs
- Readability: 0.01 to 0.1 lb
- Legal for trade
- Battery or AC

Price: $556.50

Crane Scales
CAS Digital Crane Scales

CAS Digital Crane Scales
NC-Series and Caston Series. Several digital crane scales to choose from in a range of capacities.  Wireless remote control, rechargeable battery pack/AC operation, environmentally sealed to IP67 Standards 

- Capacity: 250 lbs to 100,000 lbs
- Readability: 0.1 lb to 50 lb
- Pounds / Kilograms convertible
- Wireless remote control
- Some models Legal for Trade

Price: from $720

Pallet Jack Scales
CAS Digital Pallet Scales
CAS Digital Pallet Scales
Ideal for pallet weighing, the CAS CPS series digital pallet scale is available in two different capacities - switchable between pounds or kilograms. The CPS pallet scales are portable, fast and easy to use, and are versatile for any size room.

- Capacity: 5000 lbs
- Readability: 1 lbs
- Pounds / Kilograms convertible
- Rechargeable Battery

Price: $2096.50

CAS RW-P/L Wheel Weighing Digital Scale CAS RW-S/L Wheel Weighing Scales
Self-contained, high-capacity digital wheel load scales designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment.

- 10000 x 5 lbs
- 20000 x 10 lbs

Price: from $1356

CAS RWP Wheel Weighing Digital Scale CAS RW-P Wheel Weighing Scales
CAS RW-P rugged cast aluminum weighing scales are light enough to accommodate portability yet large enough for any type of vehicle. Bright yellow industrial paint is baked on to the aluminum alloy chassis. Built tough!

- 20000 x 10 lb
- 30000 x 20 lb

Price: $2396


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