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AmazingScales - quality scales, balances and weighing equipment for every weighing need
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AND Scales > Industrial Scales

AND Weighing 4326 Digital Scale Indicator

AND AD-4326 Digital Industrial Scale Indicator
AND AD-4326A
AND AD-4326 Digital Industrial Scale Indicator
AND AD-4326B with keyboard

AND 4326 Digital Weighing Indicators
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)

Options: FG-01 Display Wall Mounting Kit, Add $37
AD-1681 Rechargeable Battery Pack, Add $167
TB:163 AC Adapter (120V), Add $45.00
TB:164 AC Adapter (220V), Add $47
AD-4326-03 RS-232C Serial Interface, Add $170
AD-4326-04 RS-232C and Comparator Relays, Add $237
AD-4326-05 20mA Output, Add $189

High performance indicators that are affordable and easy to use

The AD-4326A and AD-4326B digital scale indicators are easy to operate industrial scale indicators for general use and offer outstanding and affordable performance. The AND AD-4326 series of scale indicators come in two versions: with or without a key pad for digital input, and both indicators can be battery or AC operated.

The AD-4326A and AD-4326B set new standards in weighing indicators for outstanding performance, ease of use, and advanced design. These new indicators offer 1/10,000 counts of resolution, an attractive design that may be placed on a desk or wall or column mounted, basic or keyboard design, and a multitude of features.

General Features:

  • 1/10,000 displayed resolution (1/40,000 internal)
  • Comparator and counting modes
  • Full digital calibration
  • Mount on column, stand, desktop or wall
  • Comparator output to remote display, buzzer or optional relays
  • Selectable counting sample size: 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100
  • Power: battery and AC adapter standard
  • Auto power off in battery mode
  • Powers up to 6 load cells at 350 ohms
  • Optional bi-directional RS-232C RS-232C/Relay, Current Loop
  • Meets or exceeds NIST Class III Specifications
  • EMI/RFI protected
  • 2 year warranty





Basic Indicator (7 key)



Indicator (7 key + 0-9 keypad)


AD-4326A Features:

  • Mode Selection: lb, kg, lbs/kg, pcs, +/- comparator
  • Zero: sets zero point
  • Tare: sets tare value
  • Net/Gross: switches between net and gross weights
  • Sample: determines the number of samples selected in counting mode
  • Print Enter: outputs data to a peripheral device such as a printer

AD-4326B Features:

  • All of the AD-4326A features above plus:
  • Preset Tare: enters a predetermined tare weight
  • Under: sets the comparator Lo limit
  • Over: sets the comparator Hi limit



Analog Input and A/D Conversion
Load cell excitation 5 VDC ±5%
Input Sensitivity 0.2µ V/D (min)
Input Signal Range -1mV ~ +15mV
Load Cell Drive Capacity up to 6 load cells at 350 ohms/load cell (max 90mA)
Zero Temperature coefficient Zero (0.02µ V + 0.0008% dead load)/°C TYP
Span 8ppm/°C of reading TYP
Non-Linearity 0.01% of full scale
Input Impedance 10M ohms minimum
Input noise ±0.2µ Vp-p
A/D Conversion Method Integrating dual-slope type
A/D Resolution 40,000 counts (maximum)
A/D Conversion Rate Approximately 5 times/second

Digital Section
Weight Display 0.87" (22mm), 5-1/2 digits, LCD
Display Resolution 10,000 counts (max)
Minimum Division times x1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50
Maximum Display 199980
Under ZERO Indication "-" minus display
Annunciators ZERO, MD, PRESET TARE, GROSS, NET, NOT WEIGHT, OVER, TARGET, UNDER, g, kg, lb, t, pcs
Keys ON/OFF, MODE, ZERO, TARE, NET/GROSS, SAMPLE, PRINT, "B" version includes 10 key numeric key pad with preset tare and over / under

Power 6 x UM2 / "C" size batteries or AC adapter
Battery Life Approximately 160 hours with alkaline type cells / 25 hours with NiCd battery pack driving a load cell
Operating temperature range -10°C - 40°C (14°F - 104°F)
Storage temperature range -10°C - 70°C (14°F - 158°F)
Weight approximately 1.7 lbs (750 g) excluding batteries
Dimensions 9.45 W x 6.14 D x 3.27 H inches (240 x 156 x 83 mm)

AND AD-4326 Digital Industrial Scale Indicator
Shown with wall mounting kit above


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