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AmazingScales - quality scales, balances and weighing equipment for every weighing need
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AND Weighing 4325 Batch Controller / Scale Indicator

AND 4325 Batch Controller / Scale Indicators
AD-4325A above
AND 4325 Batch Controller / Scale Indicators
AD-4325V above

AND 4325 Batch Controller / Scale Indicators
Price: $1373
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs. (estimate shipping cost)



Options: AD-4324-01 BCD Output, Add $295
AD-4325-02 Relay Interface, Add $464
AD-4325-04 RS-232 Interface, $218
AD-4325-03 RS-422 Interface, Add $464
AD-4323-07 Analog Output (4~20 mA) , Add $243
AD-1191 Basic Printer, Add $495
AD-8118B Universal Printer, Add $1190

The AND AD-4325A/V weighing indicators provide state of the art weighing and batch control. Fast and efficient, the AD-4325A and AD-4325V (vertical) indicators combine simple operation with 100 setpoint units by individual code numbers.

  • Display Resolution 1/10000
  • High Speed Sampling - 70 times per second - exceeds most operational requirements!
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal panel mount housing
  • Full Digital Calibration
  • Memory stores up to 100 coded Setpoint values - Up to 100 coded sets of setpoint values can be stored into memory, and easily recalled from the front panel or personal computer via the optional serial interface, thumbwheel via the standard serial interface and PLC.
  • Gravity Compensation - gravity compensation allows the scale to be assembled and calibrated in one location and shipped to another without sacrificing accuracy
  • Fully Automatic Batching Modes - Allows the batching operation to be started and completed automatically without the intervention or assistance of an operator
  • Advanced Connectivity - options include RS-232C interface, AD-8118A/B journal printer and Ad-1131 Basic printer
  • Accurate and Reliable - Auto zero maintenance, automatic free fall compensation and the comparator inhibitor function, which guards against gate vibration, and assures the user of accurate and reliable batching.
  • Optional BCD, RS-232C interfaces
  • 2 year warranty
Analog Input and A/D Conversion
Load cell excitation 12 VDC ±5%, 280mA, remote sensing. Can be connected with up to 8 350 ohm load cells
Zero Adjustment Range 0.35mA ~ 24mV (FDC)
Input Sensitivity 0.3µ V/D or greater
Span Adjustment FDC method
Non-linearity ±0.01% of full scale or less
Temperature coefficient Zero (0.02µ V + 0.0008% dead load)/°C TYP
Span ±0.008%/°C TYP
Input Impedance 10M ohms minimum
Input noise ±0.3 ohms Vp-p maximum
Maximum display resolution 16,000 counts
Overload tolerance Maximum capacity plus 9 divisions
A/D internal resolution 96,000 counts (maximum)
Sampling speed Approximately 70 times/second
Display update rate 17 times/second or 4 times/second
Zero tracking Programmable, from 0.5D/1 sec to 4.5D/1 sec. or 0.5D/2 sec to 4.5 D/2 sec

Digital Section
Weight Display 13mm, 7 digits, high-intensity cobalt blue fluorescent tube
Set point display 2 x 7 segment & a 2 segment display
Under Zero Indication "-" negative sign
Annunciators Center of Zero, Motion detection, Net/Gross, Tare Entered, kg, lb (lb or kg version), t (kg or t version)
Decimal Point Placement XXXXX, XXXX.X, XXXX.XX, XX.XXX, X.XXX
I/O Control Signal Output - optical isolator and transistor open collector
Input - optical isolator
Minimum Division X1, X2, X5, X10, X20, X50
Maximum Display +500450

Power 100, 117, 220 or 240 VAC +10%/-15% (factory preset), 50/60 Hz
Memory Battery Backup 6 years or more without AC power (lithium battery)
Operating temperature range -5°C - 40°C
Storage temperature range -15°C - 70 °C
Operating humidity less than 85% RH (non-condensing)
Weight approximately 4 kg
Dimensions A version: 270 w x 234 d x 120 h mm
V version: 144 w x 233 d x 240 h mm

Optional Accessories

AD-1191 Basic Printer

AD-8118B Universal Printer

This quiet and speedy Universal dot matrix printer has a full range of statistical functions. Built-in timer/clock/calendar functions for detailed printouts and timed interval printing.

  • Connects up to 4 scales
  • LCD display for setting date and time
  • Charting selectable to show change in weight, interval time, etc.
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Accepts RS-232C or Current Loop output

AD-8118B Universal Printer Price $1190

AD-1191 Basic Printer

AD-1191 Basic Printer

  • Basic printing functions
  • Clear impact dot matrix print
  • Accepts RS-232C input from AND scales, balances or indicators
  • Selectable language Print
  • Battery or AC operation (adapter included)
  • RS-232 Cable Required (KO:1131)

AD-1191 Basic Printer
Price $495


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